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Are you looking for a new website?

We’re Garrison Designs, and we love creating websites that are both beautiful and functional. Our team of experts is dedicated to making sure your site looks great on any device, so people can find what they need quickly. Plus, our sites are optimized to help your business rank higher in search engines like Google. That means more customers will be able to find you online!

You want the best web design company out there – one that understands how important it is for your site to look amazing and function well at the same time. You also want a company that knows how important it is for your website to show up high in search engine results pages (SERPs). And finally, you want an agency with experience doing all these things successfully over and over again! If this sounds like you, then let us know by clicking here right now! We’ll get started working on a plan today so we can start growing your business together ASAP!

Click here right now if you’re interested in learning more about our services or signing up for a free consultation today!



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Top 10 solid reasons why businesses need a website ​

  1. A Website Proves Your Brand Credibility
  2. Businesses with a Website are Easily Accessible
  3. A website builds a relationship
  4. You can Showcase Your Products/Services the Best Way Possible
  5. A website makes your brand more visible
  6. You can benefit from Google Searches
  7. People still judge your credibility by looks
  8. A website is an integral part of online marketing.
  9. You can strategically target your customers through a website
  10. All of your competitors are already having a website

Get More Traffic on Your Website​

“Where is your official website?” This is the first question you will hear when you tell people about your business. The truth is that people have become smart these days. They think 10 times before making any business decision.

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Grow Your Business

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Drive More Sales

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Handled by an Expert Designer

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How can

Garrison Designs


your business?

I’m an experienced designer and artist with a degree in computer science who is bringing affordable web design to Kentucky. I’ve been drawing, making music, or creating something ever since I was young and have recently honed my skills enough that it’s given me the confidence to bring other people’s ideas into reality through creative means. I love design and working with small businesses. I’m passionate about creating timeless work that stands out from the crowd, so let’s chat!


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Trusted by my


"Eric Garrison is wonderful. Very patient, nice, and quick to help when you need it. He is easy to work with and will give you what you want/need with your web design. Just overall a great nice guy!"

Summar Gregory Noah's Art Photography

"Garrison Designs offers a great service at an affordable price. They gave us (Lynn Camp Baptist Church) exactly what we asked for and direct access to customer service within minutes to fix any issues or questions that might arise. During this pandemic, the online services the website that was created for us provide have been critical. The website has more than paid for itself with online giving and traffic to the site and church. I'm very grateful for the time and talents that were given to help us stay up and running in a virtual way. You will not and can not go wrong with Garrison Designs."

Justin Ray Morris Lynn Camp Baptist Church

"Eric has done a wonderful job building and managing my new site. I have personally had a negative experience before with paying too much money for a site that was never even halfway done. However, Eric has gone out of his way to communicate clearly/swiftly from the get-go. His fees are very reasonable and he will build you an excellent site to your liking. I have greatly appreciated his initiative and enthusiasm in quickly getting us what we need for our online presence. As busy as we are, it's important to trust that people working with you will make your life easier, not harder. I know I can trust that we will have a very well-functioning and visually pleasant website from here on out."

Josh Parker Earl Brooke's Music Store

    More Information:

    Garrison Designs provides better SEO, higher ranking on google, increased sales!

    Provides a comprehensive and cohesive website that improves conversion rates
    Helps websites rank more prominently in organic search results
    Increases customer satisfaction by giving their customers what they want

    Faster loading time for your website
    Increase in traffic and sales with higher SEO ranking
    Professional design that will look good on any device
    Personalized service from a professional webmaster

    Invest in Your Success

    In-sync with Your Workflows

    Build Impact with Great Design