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Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

I’m a tireless, passionate designer and artist and I’m bringing affordable web design to Corbin Kentucky and elsewhere.

I have drawn or created something my entire life, learned some technical skill along the way, and honed it to the point where, as a result, I feel confident in bringing others’ dreams to life through design. Good design should be able to stand on its own and outlive fads and cliches, therefore, it should be timeless and yet stand out enough to be noticed.

My love for design and for local small businesses shines through in everything that I do, and because of that I hope that you will get in touch with me to create something amazing today. Have a great day!

my Process

Brainstorm with client

Work Hard on it

launch site

Achieve your Dream

My Design is


finished projects

in progress

Dealing with Client

no wait times like big businesses

My First Professional Website: KD Country!

Poplar Grove Baptist Church Website

1-5 Pages

Like this site.
$ Call for Price Monthly
  • Good for starting out!
  • As robust as you want it!
  • Less than half the price of competitors!

6-10 Pages

Like a basic Full Featured Website
$ Call for Price Monthly
  • Room to grow
  • More opportunity for SEO
  • More design choices

All Plans Include: hosting, design, search engine optimization, updates, backups, 101 WordPress videos, 24/7 security monitoring, and performance tuning among other services.

10+ pages

Like a Store or Advanced Website
$ Call for Price Monthly
  • Infinite possibilities!
  • Opportunity to make money online!
  • Future Proof website
a steal

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Eric Garrison

ceo of Garrison Designs

I am Eric Garrison. I’m passionate about web design and local businesses. Taking a look around I saw that most local businesses either didn’t have an internet presence, or had poor design, or used Facebook. That needs to change. As I’ve said before, I’m not in this to get rich like a big business, or to put you second like a big business, I’m here to help you represent yourself. That helps everyone!



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  • Want to Design a Website?
  • Want technical help with your website?
  • Want more information?
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